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Monday, February 22, 2010

With and without 'stop'

Won a single lot of "With and without 'stop' after Due" mint stamps from a well-known American Jewish seller from eBay. When I received the stamps, I thought I saw the 'stop' on the second stamp, the 'stop' is on higher than normal position. Please click on the picture to have a better view. Was it supposed to be 'raised stop' or no 'stop' ? I'll appreciate comments on this.

From our regular Saturday night 'yam-cha', I heard that Jellyfish had won 3 lots of China Red Revenue stamps from a Hong Kong auction before the Chinese New Year, at a price that I could not earn in my life time. Unfortunately he did not show me the stamps during our last 'yam-cha' session. Could not blame him, I would have kept them in the safe with 3 guard dogs tie to it, if those were mine :)

Also heard that nbpostcard introduced a friend to bid on North Borneo post cards at eBay and now the post cards and covers collectors are facing a strong challenger. Could not get a confirmation from nbpostcard, he is on holiday in China. bury1883 phone to tell me about the situation last night and I gave him this unconfirmed news. God bless them all ! I'm blessed, I only collect used stamps for post marks :)

Happy New Year everyone, it's not over yet !

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