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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The PosMalaysia hobby

The recent 'catch' by eBayers in Kota Kinabalu has been reported to the Police which didn't seem to be excited by the event, so a press conference was held on 18th June 2009 at Wisma Merdeka Complex. It was held in English but the poor Daily Express reporting didn't justify the effort, so the Chinese version from the Overseas Chinese News is also made available for those who can read Chinese. I hope the link will work as it is stored in a 'free' internet storage site :)

My eBay purchase from Australia arrived last week after the thief been detained by the Police & last night gantianexpress also confirmed he'd received a few overseas mail recently. It looks like we're back to the decent world, for the time being.

I'm not sure that's the last or the end to the story, I'm still worried because I was told that there are many more of the PosMalaysia staff are getting too 'exited' to be normal. For those of you that have been losing your mail for the passed ten years, you may breath for now, until the thieves are brought to the 'Taliban' justice, I don't think they are afraid as they have been doing it in a 'safe heaven' for too long.

I will be following the story for 'our' interest & post the latest here for your viewing. Comments on the subject will be most welcome and will make it more interesting. A round of applause for our heroes please !

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A forge Kuching post mark ???

I received an email from owley of Australia yesterday regarding my posting on 2nd June, 2008. He suspected the post mark might be a forge KUCHING post mark on the 18c stamp. I went home to do an other check, the result as shown above. I found it a good match of the Proud D.7 post mark. I have not seen the forge KUCHING post mark, so I cannot tell the difference. I would be grateful if I can have more comment and information from you all, on this subject.

Our local eBayer heroes have caught a postal thief in Kota Kinabalu and reported to the Police. I have not seen it reported on the newspaper yet but will be after the progress of the matter. Meanwhile, you may click PosMalaysia's enemies to have fun. Before all the stolen goods buyers are caught, you might still find good material here, especially if you are a 'red-hair devil' :)

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