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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fake postmarks at Ebay

Bidding on 2 lots with fake postmarks on North Borneo stamps for reference but didn't win. May be some bidding as genuine. Saw some fake over-print on Straits Settlements and fake Jap. Occ. over-print for the passed 2 weeks, hope it doesn't become a trend.

My Keningau friend is winning as usual over the Chinese New Year, surly he is having a very happy new year. Bet he is now worrying about receiving them, that the court found the thieves not guilty, and sent them back to work at the Post Office :) Good luck my friend !

Heard of a a new spot for flea market where a few friends are selling there. Must visit them some time, may be selling some Malaysia gold & silver coins through them by consignment. Hard time, man.... but stamps can stay a bit longer :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of Rabbit

Happy New Year Greetings to all my friends and those 'over-sex bunny ' friends, have a good rest over the CNY, it may be the year of the Rabbit but that doesn't mean......

Today I see a Straits Settlement stamp with Christmas Island cancel being auction over Ebay. At the time of writing, it is not yet closed. I am not bidding on it because I cannot afford the current price :) I always find this interesting, I thought Cocos Island & Christmas Island being administrated by Singapore office in the 1950's, may be Christmas Island was earlier. I acquired one last month with the post mark year inverted. A 'jab-see-gai' for the Chinese New Year, it makes a good finishing for the year of Tiger, may be a good start for the year of Rabbit ??? Hope you do too.

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