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Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Christmas present 2009

Happy New Year !

I received about 2 kg on paper for Christmas this year from my brother-in-law, collected over decades from his office. A quick glance picking, a Hong Kong piece with official 'Postage Paid' canceling a 50c stamp ?!! The other one is a clear CDS over a pair of beautiful 'Opera-crown' stamps dated 2002 February, Beijin. At the pace of Beijin development, I wonder if that post office is still around, given the clear CDS applied, it is likely to be a small & no so busy post office. Thanks for a treasure hunting present.

The British
(& EU) politicians are making a lot of noice over the execution of a drug (4kg) smuggler by the Chinese court. If they're not happy with Chinese laws, may be they can send their gun-boats to China to start the 3rd Opium War like they did in 1840 ??? I don't request Gordon Brown to eat dog because I do it in Malaysia. Please have mutual respect to others' laws & custom for a better & fair world 2010.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

KALAKA, Sarawak pmk

A rare KALAKA postmark showing 13 JUL, the double ring CDS, presume to be Singapore showing year 23. KALAKA is the district, of which SARATOK is the chief town. Two postmarks of KALAKA recorded by Proud used between 1909-1928.

Many interest topics discussed over email since my last posting. An inquiry from a non-collector about Gantian township came to me one day and it was passed around. Resulting the supply of GPS co-ordinate by chephe; tomb stone pictures of H.S Haynes supply by the inquirer, a district officer, killed in Gantian on 18 June, 1900, ; old newspaper confirmation of the report of his death supply by gantianexpress.

Today I received an interesting email answer to "Stamp collecting a cheap hobby ???" from elopura with the reinforcement of a very convincing picture.

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