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Monday, January 09, 2012

Fake overprint ?

Happy Chinese New Year !

Have not updated my blog for quite some time, my apology.

Recent found an overprinted stamp from a North Borneo collection I acquired. A black 1c o/p on 4c on paper without watermark. It is usually o/p in red, so I asked 'sifu' Gantianexpress if he had any information on this. From him I received the scan of the 1c o/p on 5c, with the note : Sale 11030 Lot 392NORTH BORNEO 1892 (Mar.-Nov.) Surcharges 1c. perforated colour trial in grey-black on watermarked paper with trial surcharge in black, fine. Sold £260.

It is interesting, that stamp issue was suppose to be printed on unwatermark paper. The two overprint look different. I guess I have a fake o/p (1c on 4c) on my hand but this type of black o/p is unusual, even fake. I wonder if any research on this fake o/p had been done and would be very grateful if someone can enlighten me.

North Borneo material is getting very expensive, it is hard to obtain anything interesting at reasonable price (by my standard :0)

Wishing all the 'hunters' a very lucky Year of Dragon !

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