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Friday, June 30, 2006

A rare North Borneo cover ???


bury1883 phoned up last night, telling me his failed challenge with a 'richman', gantianexpress :) but he did make him paid an extra $100 ! I thought the 3rd highest bidder, owley1879's bidding was closer to my estimate. The next time bury1883 come to KK, he'll be chased by gantianexpress's dogs, that may be sent out to 'search & destroy', so don't come to my home until you're secured !!! Shall I show the cover in my next posting ??? ONLY ON POPULAR REQUESTS.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Talking about 'jab-see-gai'

3 out of 4 bidders for this lot were from KK, chephe started the bidding, when out bid, gantianexpress and yours truly came in with snipes, eventually won by gantianexpress. The last stamp has a Silam pmk on it. I thought my friend was watching the World Cup whole night and I should have an edge over him, but obviously underestimated him when it comes to stamps :)

g-matang is still having trouble with his new house, this matter has been nagging him for quite some time now, hope it can be sorted out soon, but it hasn't affect his appetite for good covers and postmarks as I've noted. Keep up the spirit (not alcohol !)

Friday, June 23, 2006

g-matang done it again !!!

g-matang has been doing very well lately, not only winning this beautify LAWAS single line pmk, also won a very nice North Borneo 'Imperial' airmail cover. No wonder we've nothing to show you when you come to KK, you've won them all :)

gantianexpress has been fairly quiet, may be the World Cup is killing his eye-sight :) but bury1883 is waken by some nice covers, good luck to him. tapiapi has won a National Geographic VHS video tape ? my tape player had been out of action for years, hope he can get it converted to VCD format so that I can also view it. Not so sure about the NG magazine he won though, is there an interesting article about Borneo ?

Sold a stamp at ebay to tedming5o4b, a local collector who is coming to collect the stamp personally, guess we'll have one more friend.

Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup 2006 is here !

Many of my friends seem to have disappeared for the past week, may be they stayed at home like the cats do. gantianexpress was reluctant to come out for 'yim cha' last Saturdays night and went home earlier than usual eventually. Can't really blame him for that, he had his last leg of his 6-match accumulator going. Good luck to him and those ebayers who collect the same areas he does.

For those who drink soft drinks like I do, and want to know how they bottle them in some poor countries, I have some pictures that may change your drinking habit. Email for them.

Will be busy again till end of July, but will try to squeeze in something whenever I can.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My odd-ball

Having this for as long as I can remember, source cannot be recalled, must have exchanged it from someone else when I was a kid. The 1931 must be the sheet number printed low. The stamp has full gum, unhinged, same colour as the tea stain on my teeth :) Intelligent (or stupid) guess is welcomed, for the fun of it.

tapiapi has recently won a N.E. Borneo Sultanates "Iron Bullet Money", odder than my odd-ball. Must be an interesting subject, I wonder if sstawao has any information on it, since it's here his 'turf'.

Received a 'missed call' from bury1883, inviting me to join his chopstick hunting trip to Shanghai ???

Saturday, June 10, 2006

tapiapi's Jesselton G.P.O. pmk

A nice G.P.O. pmk on the 10 cent stamp, lot won by tapiapi , beating gantianexpres, who has it on cover already, a few bucks for this lot, it must be cheap !!! He is trying to 'jab-see-gai' :) (For those who don't understand HAKKA, 'jab-see-gai' means 'picking up a dead chicken' i.e getting it for free !!!)

Remember a few years back, bury1883 asked me to let him go for the similar pmk that realized about twice the amount, for just one stamp, that tapiapi is now paying for this lot. Well done tapiapi !!!

World Cup has started, it will leave many of us with insufficient sleep therefore affecting our eye sight. Hopefully there'll be less 'hawk-eyes' at ebay, and I determine to watch replays only, to gain an edge over the 'hawk-eyes' :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

g-matang's trophy

This was the pair with the KUDAT pmk, I was shot down by g-matang, with capri412 in between.

Won one lot from an Italian seller that I believe to have a few such pmk, the scan was blur, but my hawk-eye friend, gantianexpress, later confirmed that he saw at least a SIBU and a SANDAKAN in the lot.

Now my 400 gallons water reserve tank is completed at home, my Mum is very happy. Only have to solve the power problem, but how to catch an orangutan to work the generator ???

Received a +VE feedback from elopura for the stamp he bought from me. It read : "Thank you! Unique item destined for the philatelic hall of fame!" He seems to be thrilled by the 'April fool' pmk :) (see my 22nd May posting)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Hi-tech noodle eating tool for bury1883

Here you're... bury1883... you can now eat your Korean noodle in a much higher speed. I think it can be improved with conveyer belt added to the bowl, what do you think ???

Sorry bury1883 I was out-snipe by g-matang on the pair with Kudat straight line pmk. I thought he has it on cover already, but received his email this morning saying that he wasn't very sure it was 'KUDAT' he has, looks like he needs to re-organize his huge collection, by the way, my own memory is not that reliable neither :) , also shot was another sniper, capri412.

Well, at least I won one lot with a BROOKETON pmk on a Labuan stamp, paying through the nose as usual, as far as North Borneo pmk is concern, missesval is no longer a push-over, a strong contender is emerging.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

gantianexpress - the sniper strikes

Last night at our 'yim-cha' session, gantianexpress said he felt the 'tooth-ache' after winning the 7 bars lot at a high price. I told him that I was made to pay through my nose when I got my copy, that's life.... man. It's full strike, very clear 7 bars plus a perfect Tawao cds, I'm sure the 2nd highest bidder will be kicking himself losing the bid, so be grateful, my friend, there're many still looking for their first copy :)

This is a very busy weekend at ebay for the North Borneo collectors, some nice lots went to our fellow collectors like gantianexpress, higgijon, capri412, tapiapi. I too have a couple of snipes, hopefully will go on target within the next hour.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I found something for bury1883 to eat his Korean noodles with. Watch out for my next post, friend, you'll have something to shop for, in your next trip to China, don't let your wife do all the spending :)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Won by the skin of my teeth

Beat another Australian sniper by 3 cents to win this lot, won't get in the snipe if he wasn't a sniper like me :) bury1883 seemed to enjoy the thrill when I told him.

This is the second Singapore used in Cocos Islands cover I have, still looking for one used in Christmas Island.

There's a North Borneo lot with a 7 bars cancel, closing in an hour, I believe the snipers will dive in to this lot and I'll be watching the event very closely :) I already have it, so I'll only be a spectator this time :)

chephe is compiling a report regarding overseas ordinary mail lost, to PosMalaysia, Kota Kinabalu, any additional statistic furnished by fellow victims will be very much appreciated.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Snipers dived in

Borneo 1939 perforated REVENUE attracted 4 snipers, including our friends higgijon, bury1883, gantianexpress eventually won by rheinhold, at a much lower price than SSS auction realization.

Received a phone call from bury1883 after the auction closed regarding the stamp, I confirmed that I didn't join the fun, I already own one exactly the same.

Email tapiapi 10 minutes before the auction closed, suggested that I would expect higgijon and gantianexpress to snipe. Not at all surprised to see bury1883 to come in for a 'jab-see-gai' :)

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