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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Australia trip diary

Due to my inability to re-size the photos for posting, this one will go without one. May be I'll post them again when the appropriate program is available.

13th April The Black Friday

Arriving today and my nieces took me for a Chinese sea food dinner, they ordered 'roast pigeon', oysters and lobster (3.3kg), no wonder they called it the Black Friday, to them, 'cos they were paying the bill !!!

14th April Blue Mountain trip

Driving a couple of hours to see the 'three sisters' and the 'Grand Canyon', well..... it was different. But the small village town Katoomba was interesting, visited a few old books store with antiques, 'cut throat' places, all of them, so didn't buy anything. So far the only thing that's nearest to a stamp is the red mail box that I took a photo with.

15th April The Sydney fish market

If you think it's a smelly place, you're wrong. We were there for the 'sashimi', comparing busy prices and found an empty table. The raw salmon, king fish and tuna are common, except the quantity but the Tasmanian oysters my niece's husband bought were giant size. I had to eat 7 to finish the dozen, each must weigh 3 to 4 oz without the shell !!!

16th April The Vietnamese street

For AU$8.50 the Vietnamese 'ngiu chap' was about 2.5 times our KK serving !!! Damn, it was good, but it looks like everything serve in giant size here. A few rows of shops with mini market open by mainly Vietnamese and other Asian, walking those streets make ones feel 'at home'.

17th April My primary school classmate's pet shop

Search & found my classmate's pet shop in Bankstown, 10 minutes drive from where I live. Caught him in the shop with his wife so he had an excuse to go out to buy me a cup of coffee & a chat. The cappuccino cost him AU$2.50 each, that's not too bad, and it was served by a young lady from Shanghai who was surprised to hear us speaking Mandarin.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Talk on colonial stamps - Sandakan 3rd April, 2007

Today's Daily Express says there's a Mr.Wong having a talk on Borneo stamps, I'm very interested but it is going to be in Sandakan tonight, so I can't make it. May be one day we can have knowledgeable people like gantianexpress or g-matang to do it in KK. If the timing is right, tapiapi from USA might even turn up :)

There is a Sabahan community discussion board at eBay Malaysia. The desire to arrange for a gathering in KK for the local eBayers (of all interests) is noted but I am not a good organizer, hope someone can do it. Not that I'm pushing the work to someone else, honestly, just look at my office desk you'll understand.

There are so many stamp collectors in KK but few are serious and able to advance, that I have to blame POS Boleh's inability to promote the hobby. Hope Sandakan has a better situation after the talk.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

2007 a fantastic year for gantianexpress

Made expensive by bury1883 and chephe but it's still worth it. Congratulation gantianexpress ! Don't forget to give me a good scan of this pmk for my reference when the stamp arrives. This would be the 2nd known copy in Sabah, the only other one is in the collection of our Italian friend, 'the mountain mover' :)

Got a email respond from SingPost about my missing mail, they couldn't find them. They said they would monitor my foreign mail from now on. Well, let's see if Singapore's rating is going down to the level of Malaysia and Indonesia. Hope g-matang is not affected in his area. May be someone in Jurong East is learning from the British postman that had bags of undelivered mail found in his home :)

Saw on TV that NZ was having flood, hope capri412 is not keeping his stamps downstairs like chephe. Referring to his earlier email to me about PosMalaysia not sponsoring the KL Exhibition after privatization. We in KK already experienced that a few years ago when we did ours here. They were even cheeky enough to ask for two free tables !!! May be it's the only postal authority in the world that doesn't sponsor stamp fair and exhibition, I'm not sure, enlighten me please. It would be interesting if the KL organizers could get SingPost to sponsor the KL Exhibition ??? :) If it happens, I don't know where PosMalaysia would hide their faces. Having said all these, hope the Malacca Exhibition will be on, and capri412 can return to Singapore in December and happily exhibit his work there.

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