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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Another fake postmark on eBay

Watch the top left corner carefully, you will see the bar cancel. A 'squared-circle' stamping over the bar-cancel is a common trick by the greedy people. I'm not saying the British seller is a cheat, but when offering any item worth hundreds of $, be careful. Bidders for used North Borneo stamps at eBay, 'jab-sang-lah'. I got cheated before, and might be again if I'm careful.

Glad to see that the seller spotted the fault & re-valued this stamp to start bidding from GBP0.99 & mentioning the bar cancel. So it's not all bad for me to delay posting for a few days.

jeremy6139 is supposed to be in town today but I've not been contacted yet. Will write again after our 'yam-cha' session which I'm sure will happen soon.

Friday, March 06, 2009


"Gook-Miao-Mee-Sui" in Hakka means "Forcing a cat to dive" i.e. forced to do something unwillingly.

A eBayer friend won a book some years ago was being heard of this ownership by an Official of Sabah Archives. Many attempts to buy off this book from my 'well-off' friend failed. But after many sleepless nights, my 'good-hearted' friend came up with a good ideal & conditioned that Sabah Museum will re-print this book after his donation, so that all of us can buy a copy. Now the feeling of "Gook-Miao-Mee-Sui" has left my friend & I thank him for giving us the opportunity to own a copy of this important book, though it will not be the "Complimentary copy' to Harry Keith as it originally was.

Last night gantianexpress and I went to meet the visiting Mr.Chai from Sarawak, who is an advance philatelist of Sarawak, a friend of g-matang, and a member of the SSS. He showed us some of his North Borneo material, including document and maps that he was trying to dispose of. We ended up buying a few covers from him before we left the hotel. Nothing very spectacular but a sign of good gesture that's all, to a fellow collector. But we know he has a lot of good stuff. He has recently published a postcard book.

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