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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To guarantee a guarantor

I applied for a work permit for a maid to assist my 83 year old mum at home. Our Immigration Department insisted that my mum be the guarantor for the maid. This morning I received a phone call from the Department requesting information on the nature of my business, they sounded like they want a guarantee for the guarantor because she is no longer having an income. Such is the efficiency of our Government Department, no wonder someone is singing Negarakuku.

The above scan is the follow up story of our 'heroes' in Australia. Please click the picture to enlarge for reading. I didn't know there was a Sandakan Memorial Park in Sydney when I visited the city, otherwise I would surely visit & take some pictures. Of course I would try to see some of the old soldiers, I'm sure many of those who came to North Borneo for the 'Indonesian Confrontation' are still around. They would be the direct source of supply for my postal history collection for that period.

I have noted the recent news from our Ministry of Education that they will consider, in the future, to admit students into our Universities according to merit instead of racial quota. They now know they've been wrong for 44 years ??? How stupid can some people be ??? But the worst ones are those who know they're wrong and refuse to change, you'll be surprised, there are more than you can imagine !!! Let's hope they mean what they said & give us an other 40 years, and we'll have a great country :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

bury1883 anti-Japanese for life ???!!

bury1883 celebrates on 15th August every year, not sure if he celebrates the WWII Japanese surrender but that's his birthday. Hope he doesn't celebrate his birthday in Japanese restaurant, if I'm the Japanese chief.........

It's my birthday today on the 18th August, so I'm showing a cover sent on the day in 1945 (I wasn't born then, of course) to 'USS Gold Star', 3 days after the Japanese surrender. The letter was sent via the US Fleet Post Office, nobody was suppose to know the whereabout of the ship, for security reason of course, I guess it must be busy loading provisions in Manila to be sent to the occupation forces in Japan.

chephe is not in town so I'm not sure if there'll be a 'yim-cha' session tonight. I hope it'll be at Jellyfish's place as I've asked him to find the movie 'Far East War Tribunal Trial' for my collection. It should be interesting see the differences between the American & Chinese judges who took part in that trial.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Where the hell was MAS

Where the hell was MAS when Brunei Airline sponsored our unsung heroes ? It again shows that MAS doesn't know how to do business, I hope our Government will not let them waste our taxpayers money, like all those 'none-profit-oriented' businesses, they should not be allowed to exist for the good of the nation.

I only know Chinese,Bajau and Murut were the main anti-Japanese locals forces during the Japanese Occupation period, it is enlightening to know being humane is good enough to be heroes. Having said that, some of their humane acts towards other races were also heard and recognized. I consider those Murut who ambushed 600 surrendered Japanese soldiers on their way home were heroes. They lived by jungle rules, no such thing as surrender, the Japanese never respected the Geneva Convention anyway :)

For those who have not heard of the song 'Negarakuku', utube is a worthwhile site to visit. Comments are interest to read too. Some stating UNCHANGEABLE agreement, some defend their given RIGHTS, you'll understand how some Malaysian love their country the same way Chen-Shui-Bian loves Taiwan. By universal standard, no one has the right to 'suck dry' one's country, if such rights were given, it should be changed. Not even item without life is UNCHANGEABLE, a corpse will change after buried. Selective changes were made by those who are shamelessly talking about UNCHANGEABLE agreement today.

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