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Thursday, May 24, 2007

More photo taken in Australia

Photo 1 : Crab ? Never seen this type of crab before, taste good, fine texture.
Photo 2 : Flamington Market From the used good section. Also a table selling old watches.
Photo 3 : Fruits & vegetable section This section only open every Saturday form small farmers to sell their produce but many game Asian & others also selling their goods whole week long. It's good for weekly shopping, cheap in bigger quantity.

Taken a few photo in Melbourne but still in the camera in Sydney :) So all photo published are from Sydney.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Some photo of the Australia trip

1st photo : The Blue Mountain trip Being me, the nearest thing to a stamp was the mail box that's obsolete in our country, an important item to be photographed :) 2nd photo : The Vietnamese Street It's the take-away food and the sugarcane juice that's eye-catching and very pleasing in place like Sydney. 3rd photo : A stamp shop at last Other than the SG, this was the 1st stamp shop I visited but no North Borneo at all. I was told that the N.B. stamp that came in never stayed long, it must be very popular there.

Will try to post more photo later.

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