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Monday, October 01, 2012

Kudat linotype postmark on Sarawak BMA

Couldn't win much from eBay for the passed 2 months, may be I'm getting poorer. Won this little selection containing the above item at a few bucks. Thought it might be good to share it with my friend g-matang (for your viewing only CH, not for sale :) ) 
g-matang is very fond of this linotype pmk & has a good collection of this with various different town usage. Hope he can comment on this subject, especially about the 'late usage'. 
I am not sure about the date of the Allies reaching Kudat. Did they arrive in Kudat before 15th August ? I doubt it, many towns were administrated by Japanese Police (converted from surrendered Japanese soldiers) awaiting for the arrival of the Allies before BMA. Hence the 'late usage' ? Comments & advice from all viewers will be much appreciated & and will be treated with my unfinished moon-cakes :)

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