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Thursday, November 30, 2006

North Borneo 1886 1c imperf pair used.

gantianexpress was out-snipe by dellboy777, UK. This interesting pair with certificate saying "Used is Genuine", wish I can see an imperf pair used on cover.

Received an email from tapiapi that he received a Gayah pmk that may not be recorded by Proud. I couldn't see it clearly from the original ebay scan. Hope he has more information on it later.

gantianexpress is on a long leave, so I guess he'd be watching every North Borneo item very closely. 'jab-see-gai' seems to be an ancient phrase for me now.

g-matang, I'm not sure about the kind Singapore police, will leave that judgment to the opposition party, may be I should say they're very diplomatic ??? I should not comment on police business, ours is not even diplomatic, like you, I don't want to shake their hands :)

Heard from chephe that we'll have a stamp fair at the end of the month in KK, organized by Mr. Bobby Voon. Should I expect to get a Brooketon pmk here ???

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bush in Singapore

Didn't see you shaking Bush's hand on TV g-matang, but got a photo at your turf welcoming him though. Yes, you must recognize the place, but for the safety of your kids, won't show their faces here :)

Other than tapiapi I don't see many of my friends winning many items recently, are we 'out of date', may be we should all bid like we do at public auctions ???

gantianexpress is starting his 'long' leave but we have missed a few Saturday night 'yim-cha', guess I should call him during day time for a cup of tea, if he's not too busy writing-up his collection that never got started :)

My Tawau friend, bury1883, has been quiet, that fishy feeling of his changing of user name come up again. I should not suspect a friend, he is a honest man when he is not cheating like I do :)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fake Gaya pmk ???

This lot won by chephe, out snipping gantianexpress with 'yours truly' at 3rd place shamefully snipping 25% the final price ! I was told some time later by chephe that the 2nd stamp and postmark was fake, I haven't seen the actual stamp but that's not unusual when buying over internet. I'm not saying this seller did it purposely but there're fakes around and we have to be careful.

Hope tapiapi is happy with the US mid-term result since he had to sleep early the night before, for the important event. You're a Democrate, aren't you tapiapi ! Never mind if you're not, Bush might win the next Noble Peace Prize by letting go of Ramsfield ??? Sorry, I'm being too political again.

For your information, g-matang and bury1883 that our Italian friend is back. He joined us at our regular 'yim-cha' session last Saturday night, looking as 'cocky' as ever, that means he's OK :)

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