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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another 'Odd-ball' ?

Got my mail from UK after 20 days, I used to receive in 3-5 days. Singpost is no longer safe ? (I'll post a news article about this next time)

I cannot ID this purple pmk from 'Proud', it looks like D2 'JESSELTON', D3 'date' with BNBC at the bottom (may be a cross or star between 'JESSELTON' and 'BNBC'.) Purple JESSELTON pmk is not very common. Hope I will receive more comments than my last posting, all experts, 'sen-kah' or SKL are welcome to guess or enlighten me :)

I have eaten too much good food already, especially last night's 'tung-jeh' (arrival of winter season) dinner. Tomorrow's Christmas dinner will be another heavy one at home. I guess I may have to call gantianexpress to fetch me from the airport with a pick-up truck :)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all my gang members and stamp-nut friends all over the world.

P/S I won this stamp at 99p + GBP2.00 shipping. Thank you, God, for the Christmas gift.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

North Borneo 'Odd-ball'

'Kudat109' brought me a ‘steak & kidney pie’ from England yesterday which I had for breakfast this morning. The long forgotten taste came back to me. Thank you, 'Kudat109' !

‘gantianexpress’ complaint that I have not written for too long. So, I show you an ‘odd-ball’ I exchanged with a friend when I was a kid, whose father worked in the post office from pre- to post WWII. This was one of the goodies I got from him. Unfortunately he became smarter as he grew :) I believe it was the sheet number that printed on the stamp. Any other opinion will be most welcome.

I will be out of town for a few weeks, before the new ‘Axis of Power’ starts WWIII from Asia. Meanwhile, I’m exchanging US$ for North Borneo CTO, at least no more CTO may be printed at will anymore :)

Merry Christmas !!!

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