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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our National Day without our Italian friend

Last 'yam-cha' with our Italian friend two weeks ago when he returned to Sabah for holiday. I believe he's now back to UAE doing his job, blasting out mountains. Hope I can get him the T-shirt as shown, so that when I, gantianexpress, chephe and serilabuk are running after him, others will follow. Can't imagine that he's celebrating our National Day with us, after the way our immigration Dept. treating him :)

Can't forget trying to export 'rambutan' to UAE, if they're selling US$1.00 a piece, as informed, I can retire very soon, taking up a full-time stamp hunting job. Dream on......

bury1883 is going to China, hunting for stamps. Hope he'll pass KK on his way home, so that gantianexpress and I can rob him. Recommend bury1883 and sstawao to fly their national flags in front of SESB today and prey for continue supply of power.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Early used front - Labuan

Nice early Labuan used North Borneo stamps on cover front won by gantianexpress, unfortunately made expensive by his dealer friend, psinger869.

Have not won anything from ebay lately, hope to have a 'jab-see-gai' or two to spice up my life. Expecting something from a UK ebay seller who is sending present :) Yes, there're still a lot of nice people around in this world. Hope to show a couple to you when the items arrive in Singapore. So, watch out for my next posting.

bury1883 is going to China soon, hunting for good North Borneo covers, wishing him all the luck and hope he doesn't forget to get a pair of the chopsticks I suggested earlier :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

North Borneo 1939 used Postage Due

Not very sure about this postmark, less than 2 days to go, one bidder so far.

From last night's 'yim-cha' conversation, we've not been very successful recently, except gantianexpress won a nice N.Borneo used postcard unopposed.

Hope gantianexpress can get his 'snake killer stick' from the 'KPD tamu' this morning. Don't think any snake will come into my house, they can't survive my smelly shoes at the door step :)

gantianexpress was interested in finding an old American tomb stone in Weston, don't know when he's going to organize the trip. I'm more interested in finding the old Gaya and Gantian town sites first which are nearby.

Friday, August 11, 2006

North Borneo Imperial Airways Censor Cover

Nice cover won by g-matang last month, hi CH I must come to see your collection in October. Hope you would let me scan some of them for my record :)

I have recently obtained a few 'Indonesia Confrontation' covers sent from Brunei, Singapore may be also from Sarawak, need to do some study to confirm it.

I see a North Borneo 1939 2 cent postage due used stamp currently on sale at ebay auction, having doubt about the postmark. Good luck to the current high bidder, sabahman, hope none of my friends from Sabah will be going for it. Will show the stamp on my next posting for your expert judgement.

The issue of 'mail lost' seems to continue and my friends are frustrated, hope serilabuk, chephe will make some comment or update the other frustrated Malaysian collectors with their latest information. May be they will ask for a service fee : Pre-1945 North Borneo cover or RM100.00 in cash :) If they do, I'd suggest that the payer to send the cover via email and cash by fax. Hahaha !

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