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Monday, October 30, 2006

Borneo Airways cover

Saw an interesting Borneo Airways cover listed at eBay early this month, thought of adding it to my collection but it realized 4 times my estimated value !!! No wonder I couldn't win much for the passed two months, my valuation is out of date against so many 'new' bidders as tapiapi put it.

bury1883 phoned me the night I posted the last blog, trying to encourage me to write more on such subject, which I must not promise. I don't wish to be too political here, especially Malaysia politics. As I know it'll take at least another 30 years or more for us to produce Malaysian who can achieve what a smart ass American once said 40 years ago : " Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country', if we start educating our people properly TODAY. rtea53 already suspected me to be a racist or religious prejudice. So let it be philately :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

You're free to make money

Glad to know that we made it to the top ten (just) in Asia, though a bit embarrassing to be as good as Cambodia and behind Mongolia. I wonder what those big mouths will think when they're boasting their business successes internationally when others read this. If you think 'monopoly' is a dream for every businessman, you should not be wrong, but many dreams turned nightmares in our country, the Government needed to come to the rescue like the hero in any cowboy film. This is an incredible country in many sense.

To inform tapiapi that our heroic Navy sent their vessels to carry sugar to Sabah, now we should be out of sugar shortage :) This is also a reason why I'm against people logging our forest, just in case we're short of oxygen and our Navy needs to ship it to us :)

Good morning burry1883 you've been sleeping for too long, good to see you back bidding on the perforated North Borneo 25c stamp. Good luck.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A good Tenom post mark ???

gantianexpress outbid tapiapi for this Tenom ??? postmark at a very reasonable price. I'd guess this is Tenom :)

I've been feeling lazy but have to make an effort to post a few more this month, otherwise tapiapi will think that I'm making tons of money out of our recent 'sugar shortage' :) But sugar is an 'controlled item' like many others that we cannot trade freely. Malaysia is a 'controlled' country, may be it'd be interesting to see how others look at us, so I will post something about Economic Freedom in Asia soon.

Heard from elopura that someone is coming to KK looking for a good investment in North Borneo stamps, don't we all ??? It would be interesting to know what he can find. I thought our 'hawkeye' gantianexpress has left no earth Unturned in KK :)

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